6at4 Business Report: Philly hotels; USAirways; Cell phone bills

April 20, 2012 2:48:18 PM PDT
Could a USAirways merger be near? Plus, hotel rooms in Philadelphia rank high on the expense meter.

USAirways Merger with American Airlines?
A possible merger could save thousands of jobs at risk at American Airlines. US Airways has already struck deals with unions at American to win their support for a merger. Now they need the cooperation of American's parent company, AMR, to get the green light. American filed for bankruptcy protection in November and plans to cut 13,000 jobs. Officials at USAirways say a merger would allow them to save more than half those jobs.

Philly Ranks 3rd for Expensive Hotels
If you're planning to travel to Boston next month expect to shell out for a hotel. Cheaphotels.org says Boston has the most expensive hotels in the U.S.: In Boston you'll pay $194 a night for a hotel. That's even more than New York City which came in second on the list at $172. Philadelphia is the 3rd most expensive destination with hotels costing $154 a night.

More Overdraft Crackdown Needed?
Regulators are trying to figure out if the crackdown on overdraft fees 2 years ago went far enough. By the end of this year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will decide whether to write new rules. Sources tell Bloomberg that the agency is taking a closer look at 9 banks including Chase and Bank of America. Their investigation focuses on marketing tactics that banks use to convince people to sign up for overdraft protection programs. Last year, U.S. consumers paid more than $31 billion in overdraft fees according to Moebs Services.

Cell Phone "Bill Shock"
One in 6 Americans have experienced "bill shock" when they open their wireless bills. The major carriers have started sending free alerts to consumers who exceed their monthly limits. But now the Federal Communications Commission has launched a website to track how well the wireless carriers are doing to alert you. By April of next year, there will be no excuses if you go over because carriers will be alerting you if you are near your limits in voice, data, text or international roaming.