'Too sexy' for gym comment leads to complaint

April 19, 2012 3:53:12 PM PDT
A southern New Jersey school district has suspended a 40-year-old accused of telling a 7-year-old she was "too sexy" for gym class from its list of substitute teachers.

"Why would you say something that inappropriate to a 7-year-old girl?"

That's the question Henry Wilson of Egg Harbor City is asking after Monday's incident at Scraggs Elementary where a substitute teacher told his 7-year-old daughter "you're too sexy to do gym class".

The second grader was dressed in a pink and black top and leggings at the time.

"She told the next teacher that the teacher said a bad word to her, but since she knows it's not an appropriate word for her to say, two other little girls who overheard it had to tell the other teacher what was said because my daughter didn't want to say the bad word," Wilson said.

Wilson says "sexy" is a word he taught his daughter not to use and that no one should say to her.

He filed a harassment complaint with local police.

"The reason I filed a police report was so if he goes to any other school they know what he has said so they can make the judgment call whether to use him or not," Wilson said.

"He denied that he said the term 'sexy.' He stated that he said to her instead of the word 'sexy' that she was 'too cute' for gym," school Superintendent John Gilly said.

Either way, the superintendent says a comment like that has no place in an educational setting and the substitute, who lives in Northfield, has been removed from the district's sub list and won't be teaching in Egg Harbor City anymore.

That's a move most parents applaud.

"I think it's inappropriate for a teacher to use that kind of language. Good for her for standing up for herself," parent Jessica Yost said.

"They're innocent. They're children. You don't say stuff like that," parent Chrystal Velez said.

Action News tried to contact the teacher, but were unable to reach him.