Summer beauty tips for you


We've rounded up some of the newest and hottest beauty trends that are quick and easy, and best of all, won't scorch your wallet.


Tinting enhances lashes for at least a month for just $15.

"It's great for summertime, swimming at the beach. There's no runoff," says Anthony Guerrera.

At his skin care lounge, Anthony lathers the lashes with a henna dye "just like you are applying mascara," he says.

After three minutes, he wipes it away, leaving thicker, darker lashes

"It's a big pop when the tint is applied," he says. "It just soaks up the color."

"Oh they look great!" said Emily Ruthforth. Isn't that amazing? I asked her. "It is. Completely," she said.

Amazing because Emily says her blonde lashes are typically transparent.

"Without mascara they are pretty minimal," she said. "You can't see the ends or anything. With this, you can!"


"The humidity makes it frizzy and I can't do anything with it!" said Nancy.

If you're like Nancy and your hair expands in the thick and sticky summer air, why not beat the heat with a quick and easy frizz-fighting treatment.

"Your hair is silky and smooth and shiny for 4 to 6 weeks," said Carolyn Barrett of Dina Alon Salon.

Dina Alon offers Keratin Express, a faster and gentler version of the popular hair treatment since it is 99 percent formaldehyde free!

"It's the safest version in the keratin arena," said Carolyn. "You just comb it through."

It sinks in for just 20 minutes, and after a quick wash and blow dry the straightening agents are locked in with the sealing heat of a flat iron.

"It will knock the blow dry time in half!" said Carolyn.

It costs $100 a la carte, or $50 with a hair cut or color. Nancy told us she is ready to battle the beach!

"Ooohhh it feels great! It feels like silk!"


While we're talking hair, your warm weather wardrobe usually requires removing some.

"Sugar is what we use to remove hair," said Twana Harris of Total Serenity Day Spa.

Yes, sugar! Like the granules you use to sweeten your coffee.

"Sugaring is a hair removal technique that was developed in the early 1800s in the middle east," said Twana.

Twana says unlike regular old wax, sugar rips the hair right from the root.

"If you are having any issues with bumps or irritation, this would be great," she said.

An equally sweet-sounding solution to summer ready skin?

"We call it candy wax here because it looks like candy!" Twana said. "You apply it, and then it dries and then we just peel it off!

You feel nothing - just a tiny pinch. That is it.


Now that your skin is smooth, spray on a shine fit for a night of summer fun with a shimmer elixir.

"It gives the clients a red carpet glow, that nice sheen look," said Julie Dorenbos of Skin Palette.

For $10 the airbrush artists at Skin Palette add a botanical-rich hydrating treatment.

"It gives you that nice hydrated feel so your skin will look dewy, but it doesn't feel sticky or wet," said Julie.

"It's not a sparkle, it's more of a shimmer and a sheen!" Alison told us.

"The treatment itself doesn't add any extra color boost," said Julie.

But it highlights the shade of your own skin for a full day and tends to show up better on deeper tones.

"It gives my skin a little enhancement! And this feels so soft!" said Alison.

The Shimmer Exlixir is great for brides and girls heading out to a special event this summer.

And these treatments are not just for the ladies. Guys can take advantage of the sugaring and hard candy wax it is LESS painful, trust me.


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