Pickpocket steals $3,000 from elderly man in Juniata

June 16, 2012 4:53:11 AM PDT
Authorities say a pickpocket was caught on survellience video stealing $3,000 from an elderly man in a Juniata Park market.

73-year-old Generoso Lopez was shopping with his wife at an Aldi grocery store on June 4.

The couple had just come from the bank with a large amount of cash - their life savings meant to be a graduation gift for his granddaughter.

"I told her before if you finish high school, I'm gonna give you some money to help you," he said.

Lopez had the money in an envelope in his front pocket. As he proceeded to bag his own groceries - the suspect walked over and swiped the envelope filled with hundred dollar bills.

Lopez didn't realize the money was missing until he got to the car and was faced to tell his granddaughter that her graduation gift was gone.

"I told her 'there goes your money sweetie, see what happened' and she said, 'don't worry about it grandpop," he said.

Meanhile, Lopez wants the suspect caught before he steals again.

Anyone with information on the suspect seen in the survellience video is asked to contact Philadelphia Police.