POLL: Is it OK to spank your child?

July 5, 2012 2:45:43 PM PDT
Is it OK to spank your children and under what circumstances? The debate was re-ignited recently after a shocking incident caught on tape. But it's not always so clear cut.

One recent video that has everyone talking shows a parent physically reprimanding a child for not catching a baseball; A punishment that ultimately landed the step-dad behind bars, facing criminal charges.

But it does raise the question, where do we draw the line as parents when it comes to corporal punishment.

A recent study from the University of North Carolina revealed that nearly 80 percent of preschool aged children are spanked in the United States.

But Canadian Researchers just released findings last week that suggest spanking children may increase the odds of mood disorders later in life.

"By not spanking, it is estimated that we can prevent 5% to 7% of mood disorders, anxiety, depression, these long-term effects," according to Dr. Janet Taylor, a psychiatrist.

With new fears of the long term effects of spanking, the medical community continues to be clear in its recommendations advising parents against corporal punishment of any kind. However many families insist, it remains a personal decision.