Local heat wave hits day 8

July 5, 2012 3:48:48 PM PDT
It is day 8 of the area heat wave, and it's one of the hottest yet. The current heat streak could extend for 11 days which would make it the longest heat wave since the summer of 1999.

An excessive heat warning has been extended for our region until 8:00 pm Saturday night.

The temperature hit 98 degrees Thursday afternoon, but for people working outside, like the PennDot workers in Plymouth Meeting, it had to feel that hot and a lot more.

Even the cows in Woodlawn, Delaware sought out the shade on this excruciating day.

Area residents certainly needed a game plan if they ventured outside Thursday, many choosing shorts, tank tops; dresses and light clothing too keep their bodies cool.

Rob Kokordic of Putt-Putt Golf and Games expressed that customers were not showing up for outdoor fun. "I haven't seen a customer all day."

But almost as those words left his mouth, a few customers filed in to Putt-Putt Golf and Games in Clifton Heights; families were out on the course toting chilled beverages along with their putters.

Still, the owner explains when the temperatures soar, the mini-golf business stumbles. It's a pattern he's come to expect in extreme heat, and says his 41 year old business has learned to adjust.

"We do cut down hours," said Rob. "I don't turn my games on until somebody comes in. I do the best I can to cut down on costs."

With a dark, cool arcade inside to duck into one local golfer says a round or two in the sun will work just fine.

"God gave us a nice breeze, so I said okay, let's go for it, let's go outside," said Carol Braun.

Over at the Springfield Mall, the heat wave has been hot for business. One thing on the errand lists for a lot of shoppers is escaping into the air conditioning and out of hot homes.

"It's really hot, like melt your skin hot, it's really hot outside," said Armenda Pattey.

"Our electricity is being cut off for three hours in our area, and it's nice and cool here," said Alice Steward. "We came to beat the heat."

The chairs were full over at Joe's Barbershop in Springfield. The air was cold, the window-blinds drawn, and the razor was working overtime. After all, when temperatures outside are searing, what better time for a shearing.

"It's been very good for business," said Joe Montesano. "People come in, they have long hair like myself, it's a little annoying around the ears."

The heat wave is expected to intensify before it breaks with heat and humidity expected to go up. The temperature on Saturday expected to reach 101 degrees, but will feel like 105 degrees with the heat index.

Residents are encouraged to take necessary heat precautions, check on the elderly; keep your babies and pets cool, and drink plenty of water.