College freshman learn the value of giving back

GERMANTOWN - August 25, 2012

Bonding with paint brushes, about 250 first year Immaculata University students spent time Saturday getting to know their new classmates.

They did it all while beautifying their community and building a deeper understanding for their university's founding principles.

"We're really big on service as a Catholic institution it's one of our core values," said Olivia Kauffman, a junior.

Kauffman is a mentor on the project called "Macs Giving Back." A group helped to wipe down and clean up a senior center in the park on Germantown Avenue.

"We like to give back, that's why we do this and do a lot of service things on campus," said Kauffman.

This is one of seven high need sites across the city that students are working to improve.

The student's service complements a book they're reading that pushes these young adults to think about affecting positive change in their communities.

"When you come out here and you see all the things people need and you help them in that way," said Sarah Nyame.

Exposing the freshman class to these types of eye-opening service projects is important to Immaculata.

"It's important for kids today to get into the spirit of charitable work and service work. Because not only is it gratifying but it's a wonderful way to be in touch with humanity," said Sean Flannery, an assistant professor.

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