Isaac casts storm cloud over RNC

TAMPA - August 26, 2012

The City of Tampa was trapped in a blanket of clouds Sunday.

RNC organizers called the party off for Monday because that's when Tampa is slated to take the biggest hit from Isaac.

The question is if Isaac slams into the Gulf Coast on Wednesday, the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, will they continue with business as usual at the convention.

The Republicans don't want to lose their convention but they also don't want to be seen giving speeches while people are getting stormed by a hurricane.

Assuming they get down to politics, it will be a memorable experience for the delegates representing Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Pennsylvania has 43 delegates at the convention and they are used to hearing the Keystone State described as a battleground.

But is it really? It's not shaping up that way or at least not now.

Terry Madonna is author of the 6abc Franklin and Marshall poll which says that President Obama leads Mitt Romney among registered voters by 44 to 38 percent.

"Pennsylvania has gone democratic since Bush in 1988. President Obama won it by 10 points. He now about five or six points in our state. I think it's a tough uphill battle for Republicans. Is it doable? Yes but the circumstances would have to get very good for that to occur… Mitt Romney has not spent one nickel in television commercial money in the state," said Madonna.

The most impressive thing on the eve of the conventions is the security. It is easily the tightest I have seen and this is my 14th convention.

There are three or four layers of checkpoints everywhere you go and one could assume it's going to get tighter as the week progresses.

Meanwhile, the New Jersey delegation gathered in St. Petersburg late Sunday to celebrate their governor's major role in Tampa.

Gov. Chris Christie is delivering the keynote address Tuesday night. Christie said he is not nervous, and told the New Jersey crowd they've earned the spotlight.

With the impending landfall of Isaac and much more, this could be an interesting week in more ways than one.

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