Spoken Soul coming to Philadelphia

May 15, 2013 8:21:08 AM PDT
Some of the best of Philadelphia's underground talent are coming out into the open.

Spoken Soul 215 is a collective of poets and performers. Once a month, they stage an open mic event at University City's World Café Live called the Harvest.

As Philly's largest open mic event, The Harvest has artists, vocalists and musicians sharing their work with a usually packed house.

Spoken Soul 215 founding member, Vision, came up with the idea for the Harvest in 2005.

Perry Di Virgilio (Vision), Executive Director of Spoken Soul 215 said, "The Harvest is an experience.People are laughing, people are smiling and we want you to leave here drained, we want you to leave here happy."

"The Harvest has become its own entity and it serves its own purpose in our community," said Nina Ball (Lyrispect), Executive Producer of The Harvest Spoken Soul 215.

Greg Gorbin, Executive Director of Promotions for Spoken Soul 215 added, "The Harvest is invigorating, it's enlightening, it's also very fun."

The Harvest has everything from live painting to interactive games in addition to Spoken Soul's specialty ? spoken word.

"Spoken word is when poetry comes off the page," said Ball (Lyrispect).

"It kind of takes a life of its own. You can get so free with it," added Di Virgilio (Vision).

Gorbin said, "We welcome a safe space so no matter who you are.You can get on stage and express yourself."

The next Harvest is this Sunday, September 9th.

For tickets and the full schedule visit World Café Live.