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September 6, 2012 The Consumer Reports Index tracks Consumer Sentiment and found it continued to drop in the last month, and is now well below 50, meaning more people think their financial prospects are getting worse rather than better.

"The biggest problems are lost or reduced health care coverage, inability to pay for medications and medical care, and missed payments on major bills. Consumer Reports' data shows more people are losing jobs than are gaining jobs. That needs to turn around for Americans to feel more secure and get the economy moving again."

HouseFix is a new online community for homeowners and contractors to find each other and help each other. It's still in the very early beta phase but here's how its founder hopes it'll work:

Homeowners post a wish list of all the projects they want done. They can also post photos of their current house and pictures of what they want it to look like in the future. Other HouseFix members - homeowners AND contractors - can see your project and then make their own suggestions. In addition, contractors can also offer you estimates for the work.

"So you kind of build your vision of how you want it done and contractors also provide their experience of what they've done before and why they should be the ones that you should pick," according to Adrian Talapan founder of HouseFix.

When you're ready to pick a contractor - you'll be able to look at their estimates and research the contractors at the same time. Just click on the contractor's name to see how many homeowners have recommended that person and what they have to say about their experience.

You can also use HouseFix to keep an organized online journal of all your various home improvement projects. The company is local, based in King of Prussia. The HouseFix service is FREE.

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