Craft costumes from cheap t-shirts


Original Halloween costumes like these don't have to be expensive, with a bit of creativity.

Robin Beam, Director of Education for A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts, explains, "They're all no-sew, hot glue, some we have patterns that you just print out and trace. And everything is under and around $20 to make."

Beam showed us how the costumes were made using T-shirts, which you can find on sale for about three dollars each.

For the gumball machine, the neck and sleeves of the red t-shirt are cut off. Then it's glued upside-down to the bottom of white one. The seam is covered with ribbon.

Beam explains, "We have these templates that you just cut out of adhesive-backed foam, which then you can add on a little more hot glue so it can stand the test of trick or treating. And these are just pom poms glued on."

The scales for the lizard costumes are made of deco-tubing that's tied and then hot-glued to a green t-shirt. You could make a goldfish using orange.

And the yard full of leaves is the same concept with decorative leaves.

Beam says, "We have all these bags of leaves and they retail for two dollars. And you just hot glue them on the shirt. And we have a template for a rake that you use with the stiff felt that we have. And you just put it on."

And if your little one wants to be a super-hero, use a cut t-shirt as a comfortable cape.

You can find the directions to make these costumes at A.C. Moore stores or online, if you click here.

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