Parenting: The baby in the family

October 12, 2012

It's not that unusual if you believe in the birth order stereotypes that suggest the youngest is the daredevil, comedian, or overall ham of the family.

My wild and crazy son fits that category. However, now that the school season is in full swing, I find most of my attention turns to my older children.

One day, I was busy helping my daughter with her math homework, while quizzing my middle daughter on spelling and reminding them to practice the piano before we left for soccer.

The entire time my preschooler was misbehaving in order to get my attention. He was in time out twice before I recognized how unfair it must seem to him.

We finished the homework and finally I sat down to play with him. I've tried many times to explain he needs to share me with the other two, but I think he's a bit too young to understand.

I found some great tips at about parenting the youngest child. Jocelyn Voo says you should explain to your youngest why your time is limited and teach them to be just as independent as your older children.

Voo also says to make sure you're spending equal time with the youngest, but don't let them always steal the spotlight.

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