Boats scattered across Beach Haven post Sandy

BEACH HAVEN, N.J. (AP) - October 31, 2012

"There's people looking for boats they don't know where theirs are. I have two boats in my yard," said Robin Sinor.

This 35-foot yacht, complete with the dock it was tied to, washed up from a quarter mile away into someone's backyard.

The Burnett family of Jennifer Lane surveyed the damage to their bay front home. Sandy tore through the first floor leaving piles of debris everywhere.

"Really trying to go through and find more sentimental stuff that you can't replace. Trying to go through the streets and see what's floating where," said Tyler.

One small victory - Tyler found his college football helmet in the neighbor's yard.

The sentiments were similar for other residents.

"All the furniture down there's got to be thrown out," said Joanne Coyne. Her family also lost three cars.

Due to the power of Hurricane Sandy, many houses were damaged and that means that gas lines were snapped.

Teams of firefighters and inspectors are combing through the area checking on each individual house.

"Just checking on houses and making sure there are no gas leaks and shutting the main gas lines off," said Lee Lawton, Stafford Twp. Fire Company.

"We are slowly going to turn this area on. Electricity wise, as the power company deems it safe, hopefully we can get this area charged back up with no leaks and let everyone with identification come back in," said Gordon Von Schmidt.

Once the electricity comes back, what residents find may be shocking.

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