Still powerless in Montco, Bucks Co. after Sandy

LAFAYETTE HILL, Pa. - November 1, 2012

"The first day wasn't terrible, then it started getting colder and colder," Claire Puglise of Levittown, Pa. said.

Between going to work, Claire has been helping her daughter take care of her 2-month-old baby, Lana.

Since Monday, she has had no TV, No phone, no internet, no stove and no hot water and living by flashlight.

"Boiling water on the grill to heat bottles and, in the middle of the night, boiling water on the grill to have water and using that for sponge bathing," Claire said.

Arlene Gouldning has to use a lantern just to walk around the neighborhood at night.

"It's ridiculous. There's no reason for us to have to wait this long," Arlene said.

Earlier in the day, we at Action News took a 500 amp generator to several Bucks County neighborhoods without power to allow people to recharge their portable devices such as cell phones, laptops and portable lights.

A neighbor brought coffee and donuts for everyone as they waited for their devices to recharge.

Meanwhile in Montgomery County, Action News visited one Lafayette Hill neighborhood where the power has been out for days, and as the temperature has dropped outside, it has also been dropping inside.

Resident Adam Bailine tells us, "Our thermostat's about 49 degrees right now. Yea, so... it's going to get worse. We just threw out everything in our freezer and our fridge just did not make it."

Another resident, Howard Raymond, explains, "We've been going to my mother in law's to re-charge, to eat like normal people. It's been extremely tough. It's cold, very cold, in the house."

But it hasn't been cold enough to keep food from spoiling. The Schwartz family has now emptied their refrigerator and freezer, organizing their food to minimize waste.

Len Schwartz says, "We took everything we could to our son's. The rest of it we either gave out or threw away. And we're just managing."

The power went out Monday evening as the Schwartz family was cooking dinner. It wasn't bad at first, but after several days with no lights, no heat, and no hot water, conditions have gotten rougher.

Marjorie Schwartz explains, "Monday was's Thursday. It's been manageable, but since the neighborhood rumor mill just let us know it might not be until next week when we get power back - not fun anymore."

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