School bus involved in 4-vehicle NJ crash, 6 hurt

HOPEWELL, N.J. - December 18, 2012

It was 8:32 Tuesday morning when neighbors along Hopewell-Princeton Road heard the frightening crash.

"It was loud screeching wheels, skidding and a big bang," said Tom Mahon of Hopewell. "And I looked out and saw the bus flipped over on its side and I'm like, 'Oh, my God!'"

"Apparently the bus was making a left-hand turn," said Hopewell Police Chief George Meyer. "It looks like possibly the driver went in front of a vehicle that was heading southbound. The vehicle struck the bus in the side and flipped it into another car on the side of it there."

Thankfully, there was just one student on the bus when it crashed: a four-year-old boy on his way to Bear Tavern School in Titusville.

Drivers who were on the scene of the accident immediately went to the bus looking for victims. They were able to get the boy out, but not the driver.

"We ran over there," said Dawn Taormina. "They tried to open the top emergency door. We got it open. We couldn't get the boy out, so then we went to the back door and got him out."

Until medics and his mother arrived on the scene, passersby comforted the scared and shaken-up child, offering him a stuffed animal to hold on to.

"He was just shook up and I guess his mom came to see him. I don't know where she was but she was here pretty quickly," said Mahon.

The bus driver, an aide and the four-year-old were taken to the hospital along with two other drivers involved in the crash.

Police say luckily there were only minor injuries, including the frightened little boy.

"Just bumps and bruises, mainly from flipping over," said Chief Meyer. "He was belted in. Just a very minor cut, really in good shape."

Neighbors say this 'y' shaped intersection where Crasher Road meets Hopewell-Princeton Road is a dangerous spot.

"Near accidents, yeah," said Charles Feryok of Hopewell. "Close calls, a lot of close calls here."

Police are continuing their investigation. It's possible that the bus driver may be ticketed.

The road was closed in the area after the crash, but was reopened shortly before 10:00 a.m.

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