Stranger pays it forward for a Montco mother in Kmart

HATBORO, Pa. - December 24, 2012

Inside the Warminster Kmart Friday, Wendy Cracknell of Hatboro was trying to have a little fun in the hat section.

Three weeks ago, the 43-year-old single mother of four teenagers found out she had stage 4 liver cancer, just a few years after beating rectal cancer.

Wendy knew Christmas for her family wouldn't be much of one.

"Everything has seemed to domino as far as my health issues and this is the big bang," Cracknell said.

Near the hats, Wendy was telling a friend about chemo, sickness and more when stranger and retiree Bonnie Jaeschke overheard and handed the woman $1,000.

"I ask the Lord every year, 'who can I help?'" Jaeschke said.

"I couldn't talk. I was speechless. I just started bawling," Cracknell said.

But the acts of kindness weren't over.

News spread over the weekend about what Bonnie did for Wendy inside the Kmart and the good deeds from strangers just seem to snowball.

The community rallied giving Wendy and her family food and presents.

Another stranger even matched Bonnie's $1,000 gift.

"It's a blessing. It's amazing. You don't find people every day in your life like that," Cracknell said.

It was important for Wendy to sing Bonnie's praises and share this Christmas story.

For Bonnie, she didn't do it for the recognition, she did it for one simple reason.

"I know this, Santa and his sleigh cannot get me to heaven," Jaeschke said.

And that's her Christmas message.

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