Philly cop retires with no sick days in 31 years

Sgt. Albert Gramlich

February 22, 2013 3:12:45 PM PST
A Philadelphia Police sergeant, who spent decades investigating car accidents, is retiring with an impressive track record.

Sgt. Albert Gramlich did not take a sick day, even once, in his more than 31 years with the force.

"I think it's because of the people I work with," Sgt. Gramlich said. "I was fortunate to have fun every day, want to come in every day, because of the people I work with.'

"It's amazing," said Officer Mary Novack. "I don't know how anyone can not get sick. I'll ask him what kind of vitamins he's taking, what kind of food he's eating.'

It's just one of many reasons why Sgt. Gramlich is held in high esteem at the Accident Investigation Division.

"He's a humble man, just a good hard worker and a great guy," said Capt. John Wilcyzinkski. "One other thing: he's a gentleman. To tell somebody on this job you're a gentleman is a real compliment. He's a gentleman.

The past few weeks have been a rolling goodbye for Sgt. Gramlich, full of surprise parties and special plaques.

But, come Monday, his new job will be planning adventures with his wife and crossing items off the bucket list.

"Kentucky Derby, I want to go to that. I want to go to the Masters, take advantage of situations like that," said Sgt. Gramlich. "I want to see them and experience them."

Still, his replacement thinks Gramlich won't be able to completely walk away.

"The first week will be okay. Then, the following week, the phone will start ringing... 'What's going on with this, what's going on with that' and 'how's things' and checking on me," said Sgt. Joseph Rossa.

Here's hoping Sgt. Gramlich makes those calls from someplace with warm sands and cool drinks!