Flywheel puts new spin on spinning

February 28, 2013 3:36:20 PM PST
A new fitness craze has come to the Philadelphia area.

There has been a lot of buzz about this workout that puts a new spin on spinning.

It's called Flywheel and I got a chance to check it out this morning.

It's a high energy indoor cycling class that instructors say is not your ordinary spinning workout.

It's set up in dim lighting, stadium style so everyone has a good view of your leader.

Instructors will take you through 45 minutes of hills, plateaus and speed work.

Unlike other classes, your effort is displayed on a digital screen below your handlebars and, if you wish, also on a monitor in front of the class adding some competition.

"Everybody comes in and says they are not competitive and everybody competes," instructor John Wellmann said.

No matter what your pace or fitness level, all are welcome.

And from what I noticed, most enjoy the ride.

Maybe because of the music!

There's an in-house DJ who creates the playlists.

"I'm a hip-hop head so I like that it wasn't just pop centric also had hip-hop, something for everybody," participant David Kalinoski said.

During class you will burn about 400 to 700 calories.

And it's a full body workout.

There's even a short upper body sequence to tone your arms.

"It incorporated everything, legs, arms, core. It was definitely a full body workout," participant Ryan Rudd said.

The studio is located in Philadelphia.

You don't need your own cycling shoes. They have them there.

It opens officially on Sunday.

Class prices:

1 class - $25

5 classes - $117.50 ($23.50 per class)

10 classes - $225 ($22.50 per class)

20 classes - $400 ($20 per class)

For schedules and more pricing information: