Chrysler recalls Dodge Challengers for fire risk

March 18, 2013 9:54:13 AM PDT
Chrysler is telling owners of about 2,500 Dodge Challenger muscle cars not to drive them because they can catch fire.

The company also says owners should not park the cars in a garage or near a structure until the problem can be fixed.

Chrysler says a short circuit could cause a wiring harness to overheat and catch fire. The company says seven incidents were reported. No one was hurt.

The cars are from the 2013 model year and have V-6 engines. They were made during an eight-week period that ended Jan. 24.

Chrysler is notifying owners by telephone and mail and will provide loaner cars until repairs are made. Customers should contact dealers with any questions.

The recall affects another 1,900 cars on dealer lots that haven't been sold.