Germantown bust uncovers apparent dog fighting ring

March 20, 2013 5:12:09 AM PDT
It started as a report of a stolen vehicle, but it now involves drugs, the SPCA and eight dogs.

The dogs were a mix of pit bulls, mastiffs and bulldogs. All appeared to be in good shape and well fed, except for one pit bull which was bloodied and wounded. Police believe that dog was used for fighting.

A fighting ring was also found in a vacant home next door.

"It was used for a ring. There was blood all over the walls, all four walls. So, that's apparently where they were fighting the animals," George Bengal of the PSPCA said.

Police originally arrived at 6335 West Norwood Street for a domestic incident.

Investigators say when they arrived, a female told police there was a stolen motorcycle on the property.

Officers found the motorcycle near the home, which was in fact reported stolen.

Detectives also say officers found a stash of crack cocaine.

Only Action News was on the scene as the homeowner was taken into custody for questioning.

"We have a little bit of everything here. We've got some drugs in the property, we've got a stolen motorcycle in the property, we've got a breeding operation in the property, along with what appears to be a dog fighting operation also," Bengal said.

The SPCA and police cleared the scene by late Tuesday night.

No charges have been filed as of yet, but the SPCA says the homeowner faces at least one felony charge for dog fighting.