Multiple homes destroyed in Pennsauken fire

March 25, 2013 5:44:09 AM PDT
A fast moving fire sent flames and massive plumes of smoke billowing from multiple homes in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

It happened around 6:15 Sunday night on the 1700 block of 41st Street.

Battling the fire proved challenging for the crews on-scene - two hours in and flames were still shooting out of the rooftop.

"Our guys gave it our best shot with some offensive operations but they didn't yield too much progress due to advanced conditions," said Chief Joseph Palumbo, Pennsauken Fire Department.

The Action Cam was on the scene as crews hooked up to fire hydrants and doused both properties.

Several neighbors saw what was happening and were able to escape.

"I was up in my room and all of the sudden I hear an explosion sound like boom boom four or five times," said Tania Sime.

"We were playing basketball and we look up and saw smoke," said Terrence Phillips.

Phillips' sister ran across the street to rescue her neighbors.

"I told him to come outside there's fire there's a fire, he ran back in to get his family," said Iyanna Phillips.

Gabriel Gomez is the man who lived there. He stood by and watched his home go up in flames but says he's just thankful his wife and two children got out safely.

"I have a lot of family, we'll be okay. What else can we do? Fire is fire," said Gomez.

Gomez's neighbor, whose home is also destroyed, was not home when the fire started, but showed up later, devastated by the dramatic sight.

Minutes after, the fire victims watched as their cats were removed from the home and treated by EMS crews.

Two homes were destroyed in the blaze and another two had moderate damage.

Several neighbors reported that they heard several explosions but the fire chief said, he had not heard those reports and would not comment on a cause.