Woman, 24, impersonated nurse, molested boy, police say

April 4, 2013 2:41:06 PM PDT
A 24-year-old Philadelphia woman has been charged with pretending to be a nurse at Saint Christopher's Hospital for Children and molesting a little boy.

Ashley Delvalle of Feltonville is behind bars, charged with multiple sex crimes including indecent assault of a minor.

She was arrested inside the emergency room at St. Christopher's early Tuesday afternoon.

Police say they were called because Delvalle twice touched a little boy who was in the cubicle next to the one where Delvalle's child was being examined.

Witnesses, including the boy's mother, say Delvalle claimed to be a nurse and got permission to examine the boy for bedbugs. Only one time, witnesses say, did she wear hospital gloves.

No one answered at Delvalle's 2nd Street home Thursday.

Her long time neighbor is in shock.

"I don't think it's true," said Esther Harley. "She's not that type of person."

Delvalle's bail has been set at $50,000. The charges include assault and impersonating the holder of a professional license.

St. Christopher's Hospital issued a statement pledging full cooperation with police and saying patient security is a top priority.

"When we were informed by the patient's mother of the alleged assault, we immediately notified the Philadelphia Police Department and the Philadelphia Department of Human Services," the statement said.