NJ trooper, Good Samaritan rescue 3 from submerged vehicle

ABSECON, N.J. (AP) - April 6, 2013

It all started just before 5:30 p.m. Friday, when a vehicle flipped over and crashed upside down in the pond, right off Route 30.

Louis Roselli was parked at a nearby shopping center and heard screaming. When he arrived at the scene he saw someone bobbing in the water, screaming for help.

Roselli jumped in and seconds later Jaime Ablett, an off duty state trooper, saw the scene and also jumped.

Ablett had just finished his shift searching for a missing boater in Cape May.

Both men frantically worked to free the victims. Witnesses say one of the victims turned blue.

A pregnant woman was the last to be pulled to safety. Rescuers held her head above water for her to breathe as a knife was used to cut her seatbelt.

"This is what we are trained to do. I think any trooper would have done the same thing. I'm glad for Good Samaritans like Louis Roselli for helping out," said Ablett.

Three of the victims were taken to AtlantiCare Medical Center for treatment.

Meanwhile authorities are unsure what sparked the crash.

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