Mrs. Fixit: Recycle Seed Starter

April 21, 2013 4:06:34 AM PDT
Before you toss, take a second look - there are some perfect seed starting containers that you might toss into the trash!

The clear plastic snap top containers that salad greens come in are a perfect little indoor greenhouse for starting seeds! Spread some potting soil into the container, plant your seeds, water and close the top and put it in a sunny spot to grow.

If you want to be able to separate the plants for transplanting, cut paper towel or toilet paper tubes into two inch high rounds, line the salad container with the cardboard rings, fill with soil and plant your seeds.

Coffee bags that feel kind of like a thick foil are great for seed planting. They are waterproof and the foil will insulate and warm the plantings.

Cut off the top of the bag, and fold over the raw edge. Fill the bag with soil and seeds, water and put them in a sunny window.

Find a terra cotta pot that is the same diameter as a plastic soda bottle. Plant your seeds in the pot and then cut the bottle in half. Slip the cut edge into the soil - it should fit right around the outside of the pot nice and snug.

The hole in the top of the bottle will act as a vent and the bottle will act as a terrarium environment!

Seed starters that might otherwise end up in the trash! Try it, I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!