Runners in Cherry Hill helping Boston recover

April 20, 2013 2:54:09 PM PDT
Runners in Cherry Hill, New Jersey laced up to raise money for Boston's road to recovery.

People came together, united in their desire to help any way they can.

They ran for 26.2 minutes - 400 meter laps, raising money for each lap completed.

The money will go to the victims of the Boston bombings.

"Rather than targeting something financial or political, we saw somebody target what we see as our brethren and other people involved in fitness. It was just a horrible thing," said Justin McGinley.

For some, the Boston terror attack hit close to home.

"I'm a New Englander. I went to school up there and my family lives up in Boston. My sister's apartment is right in the area where it all went down," said Jake Vandyken.

Sandra Sanchez and her family feel especially for those who were caught in the carnage as they watched from the sidelines of the Boston Marathon.

"We go out to sporting events to support each other. If we had been out there, that could have been us," said Sanchez.

The runners came in all sizes. Some strode with ease, others struggled but all were equal in their desire to make a contribution.

"It feels good to do something for the people in Boston. It was so heart wrenching, they trained for so long and couldn't finish so I can suffer a little pain for 26 minutes," said Helen Wall.

On other days they'd be running for their own health. However on Saturday, it was a say to reach out and help others touched by tragedy.