Make Friday a "Dough on the Go" night

May 2, 2013 6:55:14 AM PDT
If you had an Italian grandmother, perhaps you could imagine a never-ending supply of home-made meals, each one fresh and mouth-wateringly delicious.

Whether that's your world on not, you can enjoy the "benefits" as a South Jersey family shares its bounty with you.

Back in 1971, Joseph and Anna Maria Severino opened a little store in Westmont, New Jersey. At first, they struggled to convince the community to try their specialties.

Today, from a much-larger store up the street, their products, mostly Italian, are enjoyed from coast to coast.

Their son and daughter have joined them in the business, still rooted in old world recipes and fresh, top-quality ingredients lovingly prepared.

For generations, many Italian families have kept a tradition of making their own pizza at home on Friday nights.

Recently, the Severinos decided to let customers in on the secret, and their "Dough on the Go" program was born.

Visit the shop on a Friday and, while supplies last, you can buy a box containing a ball of fresh-made pizza dough, a container of homemade sauce, plus top-quality mozzarella and pepperoni. You also get ingredients for a fresh green salad.

The package costs $15.00, less than a bagful from the burger joint, and you and the whole family can have fun making then eating a fresh, delicious dinner. It easily feeds four.

Of course, the Severino menu of literally dozens of Italian specialties is also available...everything from fresh-cut pasta to gourmet ravioli to lasagna.

There are homemade meatballs, too, and a selection of sauces. Many prominent restaurants buy and proudly serve Severino products.

The entire Whole Foods chain sells their fresh pasta, too. But there's no substitute for visiting the store in person, enjoying the aromas, finding something special and getting to meet the family.

If you buy a pizza kit, you get access to a special code which lets you download and view a baking video.

The family suggests making your oven as hot as it will get, hopefully 550 degrees or above.

Severino's is located at 110 Haddon Avenue in Westmont, New Jersey, open daily except Mondays.

Pizza dough is only sold Friday and then only while supplies last.

For information, visit them online at Severino Pasta or phone 856-854-7666.