Jersey Shore prepares for summer beach season

May 10, 2013 5:18:33 PM PDT
Many communities at the Jersey Shore are trying to get ready for the summer season despite having incurred terrible damage because of Hurricane Sandy.

Lavallette in Ocean County is one of those communities, and the folks there are optimistic for a great summer.

The calendar says May, but the thermometer makes it feel like summer, and that brought lots of people out to the brand-new boardwalk in Lavallette.

"My first time barefoot at the beach this week," said Ted MacMaster. "I was going to post it on Facebook: I'm barefoot on the boards with no sweatshirt."

"Getting the kids out of the house and some fresh air; this is the day for it. It's beautiful out," said Dina Rodriguez.

Rowland Goodman was knee-deep in the ocean fishing for striper bluefish or whatever bites.

"I got home from class, and it's so beautiful, so I had to come out here and fish a little bit," he said.

Nancy Poss was barefoot in shorts, scouring the beach for sea glass--and loving it.

"It's an exciting day in Lavallette, the beach badges are going on sale. So I decided while my kids are in school, I would come over, walk the beach look for some sea glass and get in line for my badge," she said.

There are reminders of the damage left behind by Sandy, but as the recovery goes on, residents say it is nice to take a moment and remember why people love it here so much.

"Oh it's fabulous," said Bill Wong. "I can't believe how clear and bright and sunny it is for a change. This is one of the days you really count your blessings on having a place down here."

"This is the first day I come out in short sleeves since last summer," said Jack Benz.

"I love, love just walking and seeing the ocean, even though we can't see it. We need to have the dunes," said Ann MacMaster.

And the consensus among beach-goers is the need for more warm, sunny days.