Fidel Castro's niece visits Philadelphia

May 3, 2013 7:51:34 PM PDT
The Independence Mall tourist with the most famous name on Friday was Mariela Castro from Cuba.

The world renowned sexologist is Fidel Castro's niece and the daughter of Raul Castro, the current president of Cuba.

She came to Philadelphia from New York City where she appeared at the U.N.

Some factions in the State Department balked at her coming to Philadelphia to speak at the Equality Forum Summit on Saturday.

At the summit she will address issues surrounding the LGBT community in Cuba.

The issues surrounding her visit were resolved and Castro, with the help of a translater, spoke about it outside Independence Hall.

"For many years, we have been fighting for all the civil rights for all the entire world," she said.

Castro is known to have been a key player in softening her uncle's long held hard line in Cuba, where in the 60s many gay men and women were being sent to prison farms.

After she saw the Liberty Bell, Action News asked about U.S. and Cuba relations today and how long before they will be normalized.

"It will definitely be a reality some day. We have to work hard together to get it in the future," she said.

Castro will speak Saturday at the University of the Arts.