Morrisville Little League finds itself in middle of gun debate

May 8, 2013 3:40:44 PM PDT
Little Leaguers in Bucks County have found themselves in the middle of the nation's gun rights debate.

Several weeks ago, activists organized an anti-gun violence rally for May 11th in Morrisville with notable speakers such as Ed Rendell.

Then a counter-rally was scheduled with pro-gun rights protestors saying some of their people will come legally carrying their guns.

The problem is some 500 Little Leaguers will be playing on fields right next to the rally site and at the urging of state police, Morrisville Little League will now either move, reschedule, or cancel games.

Officials from the organization called Concerned Gun Owners of Bucks County say shame on the BuxMont Coalition for Peace for politicizing the gun debate by scheduling a rally directly next to the Morrisville Little League complex.

"Their actions are totally inappropriate because a baseball diamond is a place where all kids, whether you believe in the second amendment or not, should be able to enjoy a weekend day free from a divisive political issue," William Marsh of Concerned Gun Owners of Bucks County said.

But people from the Coalition say the only reason that the Morrisville Little League will not play their games at the complex during the dueling rallies is because some of the counter-ralliers have said they plan to bring guns with them to the gathering.

"Morrisville Borough, obviously, did not feel the rally was a problem. They know they have baseball games here, so they didn't feel the rally was a problem until the gun counter-protestors decided they wanted to come. Then it became an issue," Cathy Leary of the BuxMont Coalition for Peace said.

We asked Marsh from the Concerned Gun Owners organization if they would consider telling their members to leave their weapons home.

But Marsh says that would defeat their purpose of showing that there is no need to fear a responsible gun-owner; not to mention, they have legal right to carry those guns.

"The reality is our members are law abiding citizens and in Pennsylvania there is a right to open carry so a person is allowed to carry a gun in Pennsylvania openly; it's not something that we can control," he said.

Marsh is also calling on the Coalition for Peace to re-schedule.

But rally organizer Cathy Leary says that request is absurd.

"I would ask them to reschedule. If the concern is for guns in the park, we won't be bringing guns," Leary said.

The rallies are scheduled for the afternoon, so most of the morning games should go on as scheduled.

That, however, leaves some 20 scheduled afternoon games still in limbo and neither side is budging.