Andy Reid selling his Eagles collection for charity

May 8, 2013 3:48:36 PM PDT
After 14 years in Philadelphia, the Reid family is moving.

Former Eagles head coach Andy Reid has already settled into his new job as the head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs.

"When you leave a team you have to get rid of your stuff because you can't wear it at the new place," Andy's wife Tammy Reid said.

Being in Philly for all that time, the family racked up a lot of stuff.

"When it got piled sky high and overflowing into the chairs and on the floor, I thought I've got to do something with this," Tammy said.

Tammy decided the best thing to do with her husband's coaching gear, her game day items, and all the memorabilia from over the years, was to have a moving day sale for charity.

The big sale will be this Saturday in the Harriton High School gym from 9:00 a.m. to Noon.

"There is something for everyone. If you can't find something here that you're actually going to love, then you're crazy," Tammy joked.

For those who want to check it out on Saturday, you are advised to pull in to the cafeteria entrance of Harriton High and then go into the gym to scope it out for yourself.

"They've been generous the whole time their kids were here and this is just another example of them giving back to everyone," Tom Ferguson, Harriton High School Athletic Director, said.

The Harriton High School football team and the Laurel House, a comprehensive domestic violence agency and shelter, will benefit from the big sale.

That's exactly what Tammy Reid would like to see - lots of sales.

Almost everything is autographed by the former head coach.

One of the more interesting items is a pillowcase Reid's daughter had custom made for her dad for his office because he slept there so much. Tammy says it's freshly washed and ready to go.

"It's always good to leave a positive mark wherever you left. I hope that people will remember the Reids fondly and Andrew as a great person who tried to do some good in this city," Tammy said.