Army wife loses 100 lb. during husband's deployment

May 20, 2013 2:19:13 PM PDT
When military vets return home, they expect to see some changes in their families.

But nothing like what Army Specialist Larry Shaffer got!

When he arrived back to north carolina from a year in Afghanistan, Shaffer was greeted by a wife who was 100 pounds lighter than when he left!

Misty Shaffer went from 254 to 150 pounds, but her husband never knew, because she only sent pictures from the shoulders up.

Shaffer says, "I was in shock when I saw way that's my wife I left a year ago!"

Misty adds, "I was like I'm going to keep this a surprise from him cause he never has seen me like this."

Misty says she did it with healthy eating, controlling portions, and exercise. She dropped 15 pounds the first month.

She says she looks so different now, their 3-year-old daughter doesn't recognize her old pictures.