No apparent foul play in woman's death at lawyer's condo, police say

CENTER CITY - May 28, 2013

Police sources are now telling Action News they are leaning toward ruling out foul play.

26-year-old Julia Law worked for Peruto at his law firm just a few blocks away. The two had been dating for about six weeks.

Peruto told police he was at the Jersey shore Friday night and learned of the death from a maintenance worker Saturday morning.

Crime scene investigators spent the day collecting possible evidence from Peruto's home.

Police sources tell us it appears Law was alone in the condo when she decided to take a bath. Her body was found face down in the water.

Sources say there was no evidence of a struggle or strangulation. An autopsy found water in Law's lungs.

There also appeared to be no immediate evidence of drugs or alcohol. But the police are waiting for the results of more extensive toxicology testing.

Sources tell us Law had been taking anti-depressants, and it's possible she may have overdosed.

Peruto has frequently been in the news as a defense attorney in high-profile criminal cases. He choked back tears Tuesday as he told us he couldn't talk about it.

The police say he has been questioned and is cooperating with the investigation. They also questioned another lawyer Tuesday, but say neither man is a person of interest.

Again, Action News' sources are saying they can't rule out anything, but at this point they are leaning strongly toward the possibilities of an accidental overdose or suicide, although they didn't find a note of any kind.

Sadly, Tuesday would have been Julia Law's 27th birthday.

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