Cab driver shot in attempted robbery in East Mount Airy

EAST MOUNT AIRY - June 4, 2013

The 53-year-old cab driver remains in critical but stable condition at Albert Einstein Medical Center. He is expected to survive.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small tells Action News, "The bullet did a lot of damage. The cab driver lost a lot of blood. It was good that the 14th district police found him when they found him."

Where they found him was outside the emergency room of the old Germantown Hospital, which no longer functions as an ER. Officers had spotted the 53-year-old driver from Germantown Cab Company speeding south on Chew Avenue. They were about to pull him over when he turned into the old hospital, which is now part of La Salle University.

"The driver of the cab then exited the vehicle [and] stated he had just been shot during a robbery while he was inside of his cab," Small explained.

The driver told police it was around 1:30 a.m. when he had picked up two people along Germantown Avenue. When he was about to drop them off on the 200 block of East Hortter, they pulled a gun and announced a robbery. They looked through his pockets, and then police say they shot him in the arm with a semi-automatic handgun.

Fellow cab drivers are praying for his recovery, saying he was just trying to make a living.

Khavaughn Shannon explained what cab drivers have to deal with, telling us, "It is a dangerous job. It's a real dangerous job. And I don't try to come out with the fear in me... because that kind of gets you into situations. I just try to come out and do what I got to do."

The search is on for one suspect while another is in police custody.

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