Earn money doing quick "gigs"

VOORHEES, New Jersey - June 27, 2013

But this bride-to-be has found a unique way to save money for her wedding, during her lunch breaks from work and other spare time.

That's because Jamielynn and her fiance have both signed up for "Gigwalk."

Storch, of Westmont, New Jersey, explains. "I came across the app online and checked it out, and I thought, this looks really cool. So I just tested it out and did one gig and made ten bucks very quick and easy and decided to start doing it."

Gigwalk lists a variety of quick little jobs, or "gigs," that pay $5.00 to $10.00 each . Storch has done several, like the one on which we joined her at Pomodoro restaurant, where she's taken photos that Bing.com will use to update their website.

She explains, "You use your iPhone, so you don't need to have a fancy camera or anything like that. It's all within an app in iPhone. And then there's also a lot of secret-shopper-type stuff."

For example, she's checked out displays at CVS to see if the items look the way the manufacturers want them too. She takes a few pictures, answers a few questions, and money's deposited into her Paypal account.

Some of the gigs even include freebies.

Storch says, "I saw one posted recently that was at the movie theater, so you would go to the movies and you would show the manager your letter saying that you're supposed to be there. You get into the movie, you get to watch the movie, and you ask some of the people who watch the movie with you questions afterwards."

The gigs are listed by location, making it easy to complete several in as little as an hour.

Storch explains her Gigwalk strategy. "If I'm going grocery shopping somewhere, I'll check what's in that shopping center, or I'll look what's near my work. I don't plan something that's an hour away. Or if it's something that's like 15 minutes away, I'll make sure that there's a bunch of gigs there so it's worth it."

The list of possible gigs is updated several times each week.

You can download the app for iPhone or Android by clicking here.

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