Man fatally stabs estranged wife's boyfriend, police say

PINE HILL, N.J. - July 8, 2013

Police say 26-year-old Michael Cogan was stabbed to death about 4:50 a.m. Monday in the 2600 building of The Greens at Pine Hill.

A 29-year-old Philadelphia man, Stefan Curry-Burkett, was arrested on Blackwood-Clementon Road near The Birches Apartments.

A Clementon police officer spotted Curry-Burkett running from The Greens at Pine Hill shortly after the stabbing was reported and detained the fleeing man.

Curry-Burkett is charged with Murder and Felony Murder.

He is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday.

Police say Curry-Burkett broke into the victim's apartment by climbing onto a balcony and entering through a sliding glass door.

In the apartment, police say he assaulted Cogan and stabbed him repeatedly.

According to officials, Cogan was in a relationship with Curry-Burkett's estranged wife and they believe he was targeted by the suspect.

Early reports indicated this to be a double stabbing, but that is no longer the case.

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