Saving with 6abc: What to buy (and not) in July

July 8, 2013

Home Décor
We're still in wedding season, so retailers want to take advantage of ceremony-bound shoppers! You can save up to 50% off everything from table linens to dinnerware in department store home departments.

Furniture retailers get new inventory in February and August, making January and July the best time to find sales on last season's stuff! Those furniture deals started last month and will run all of the way through the end of July.

Gym memberships
Most people ditch the gym for the great outdoors in the summer, so fitness clubs offer deals like waiving initiation fees and free passes.

Now that the Fourth of July has come and gone, grill prices are dropping! If you can hold out until mid-July to buy a new grill, you'll be able to take advantage of the lowest prices.

Summer Apparel
Retail stores are getting ready for back-to-school and fall fashions, so they are slashing summer items by as much as 75% by the end of the month.

Just as there are items that you should buy in July, there are plenty of things you should avoid in order to keep from paying too much:

According to USAToday, the cost of beef is skyrocketing this summer, making your afternoon barbecue a bit more costly. With the cost of steak averaging close to $5 per pound, you're better off serving chicken.

Right now bike prices are at their peak. Wait until September, when new models are released and the old ones are offered at deep discounts.

Summer is the most popular time to get married. Because of high seasonal demand, wedding vendors increase their prices. Consider early spring or late fall instead.

Wait for sales in October and November.

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