2 arrested for rash of thefts from landscapers

LIMERICK, Pa. - July 30, 2013

Daniel Vieldhouse and his close friend Jason Davis, of Pottstown, were arrested following the two-month spree.

According to detective Ernie Morris of Limerick police the pair trolled the green lawns of suburbia, looking for unattended landscaper trucks.

While workers focused on their jobs, the pair supposedly grabbed high value tools of the trade and ran to a pawn shop.

"They would go out every day. In the month of June alone, they hit the pawn shop 19 out of 30 days, so this is what they did for their 40 hour work week," said Det. Morris.

Brad Matthews of Victory Landscaping in Norristown was hit on June 6th.

"Two blowers, two weed whackers and a trimmer stolen out of the truck," Matthews said, adding it was all worth about $2,000.

CDI Lawn Equipment was hit twice. One of its field trucks lost two trimmers, while its retail operation in Collegeville was also targeted.

Vieldhouse allegedly wrote a $1,000 bad check for a specialty concrete saw. After the check bounced, he allegedly promised the owner it was all a misunderstanding.

"He kept telling me 'I'll bring the saw back to you. Then he gave me another excuse when the day came, saying he could not find it," said Dan Iannella of CDI.

In all, court records show the pair made off with almost $30,000 worth of equipment in less than 60 days. Police say their proceeds went to feed their heroin addiction.

"That's the sad part. Heroin is just ripping this country apart. I cannot tell you the last case I've worked that didn't have heroin connected to it," said Det. Morris.

Both Vieldhouse and Davis are being held on $20,000 bail.

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