Registration day for Philadelphia schools

PHILADELPHIA - August 19, 2013

The sign hangs on the front of Strawberry Mansion High School.

Despite the back and forth about the budget and the threat of Philadelphia schools not being open on time, on September 9th, as originally planned, class will be in session.

"I knew they were going to get the money, cause you can't let the kids suffer," parent Dorothy Benson said.

Today was the first day of registration across the district, and parents were out this morning signing their children up. For some, talk about not opening schools was just that, talk. They never had any doubt.

"I knew that they were going to open on time because they don't want all the kids out on the streets," parent Clairessa Walker said.

But others weren't so convinced and when it came to back to school shopping, they held off until they heard.

"Why am I going to buy clothes and school supplies, if schools weren't going to open? That's making me waste me. Now that's the school's open, I can go do what I have to do now," parent Margaret Dantzler said.

The School District says they are getting the money they need to open their doors on the 9th, but that doesn't mean the search for funding is over.

"We're still going to be at table with labor partners, and we are going to be asking for savings, so I hope parents don't get confused by that message. We are for more money, but we are definitely open for September 9th," spokesman Fernando Gallard said.

If you have any questions about the first day of school, the district has a school opening section on their website.

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