Men pose as utility workers in North Phila. home invasion

NORTH PHILADELPHIA - August 22, 2013

The incident began around 4:30 Thursday afternoon on the 400 block of West Sedgley Street.

Police say three suspects knocked on the door of the home, but when the 67-year-old homeowner answered he did not initially let the men inside when they said they wanted to check something out.

That's when the suspects barged into the residence and terrorized the homeowner and his 54-year-old girlfriend.

"And by terrorize, I mean they actually went in there, they had flex cuffs, they tied both their hands and their ankles, and started pistol whipping them. They were all armed - they had guns - and they actually started pistol whipping them," explained Philadelphia police Captain George Fuchs.

The 54-year-old woman was able to free herself. She was taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises, but is expected to recover.

The suspects got away with $350 cash and a cell phone.

Police say the men were wearing bright green t-shirts and orange and red baseball caps.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey warns residents to use caution and ask for identification when someone shows up at your door.

"They should have I.D. and you should be able to call the utility company to find out if they dispatched someone to that location to complete work. You need to know and don't assume just because a person is in a uniform they're legitimate," said Ramsey.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Philadelphia Police at 215-686-TIPS (8477), text a tip to PPD TIP (773847) or through

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