Back to school: Healthy lunches

August 26, 2013 8:38:48 PM PDT
As kids get ready to head back to the classroom, we have some ideas for parents for easy meals that will keep kids going during and after school.

We asked registered dietician Diane Henderiks for some ideas for quick, healthy, nutritious dinners that can be re-purposed for school lunches.

We begin with Taco Night.

"All the classic things are in a taco, and we have some lean ground beef, you can also use lean turkey or lean chicken," said Henderiks.

After dinner, pack ingredients into containers and into a lunch box.

"It works great, make sure you use a cold pack, keep everything cold, then rotisserie chicken, I love because there is no cooking involved, simple and easy to re-purpose into a million things," she says.

Paninis are a great example.

"That's on whole grain bread, reduced fat cheese, spinach and lean chicken," Hendericks says.

Next up is pasta: pasta salad.

"You take some aside at dinner time," says Hendericks, "turn it into cold pasta salad where you chop up your kids' favorite veggies."

She suggests packing a cup to a cup and a half for a school-aged child.

Lastly turkey meatloaf can easily be re-purposed into lunchtime sliders.

"Throw in some veggies on the side," says Hendericks.


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