Trenton mayor announces plan to fight crime

TRENTON, N.J. - September 4, 2013

At a news conference on Wednesday, Mack said that his plans include a new police task force to target 15 high-crime areas.

This comes as Trenton has said a record for the number of murders in a year, with the 32nd homicide just last week.

"Police officers and specialized units would target those areas," Mack said.

The mayor also said new surveillance cameras will also be installed in those areas.

What Mack didn't say is when any of this will happen, because the city doesn't have the money.

Mack said he is asking for help from the state legislature, sending them a letter asking for $5.5 million to hire 75 police officers.

"Many of the crime issues that are plaguing the city of Trenton are directly correlated to the layoffs of 106 officers and the loss of an additional 140 officers through attrition," said Police Director Ralph Rivera.

However, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been ignoring Mack, saying he won't deal with a mayor under indictment.

Mack has pleaded not guilty to federal bribery charges.

Many relatives of murder victims attended the news conference. They joined the growing ranks of critics calling on the mayor to resign.

"How can you help my family and my community with this if you won't step down?" said Laurie White, the mother of a murder victim.

Mack ignored calls for his resignation.

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