Save store coupons on your Smartphone

SPRING GARDEN - Sept. 26, 2013

That statement makes it seem ironic that he's the CEO of SnipSnap -- a couponing app.

But it also explains WHY he founded the company, which is based in Philadelphia's Spring Garden neighborhood..

"I can never remember to bring my coupons to the store," Mann says. "And i wanted a way to not forget them at home."

With SnipSnap, you don't have to worry about having retailers' coupons -- like the ones you get from Bed Bath and Beyond or Staples -- with you.

Mann explains, "The way Snipsnap works is you can take a picture of any printed coupon you get in the mail, in the newspaper and Snipsnap automatically scans all the details of the coupon and turns it into a mobile coupon that you can redeem in-store."

In other words, "Goodbye, paper. Hello, Smartphone." No more leaving the coupons home when you're shopping.

The app also has a Share feature. So, you can search through coupons that other users have "snipped" in case you didn't get one yourself.

Mann says, "We have over 1.5 million users, most of whom use the app pretty voraciously. The typical user snips about 15 coupons per month, so we have this massive database of crowd-sourced coupons."

The app even reminds you to use coupons before they expire.

Mann says, "It'll remind you when you get near the store, 'Hey, don't forget you have a coupon waiting to be redeemed.'"

Snipsnap doesn't work with manufacturers' coupons, only those issues by retailers, including Staples, Party City, Bed Bath and Beyond, Delia's and JoAnn. And you can't snip "single-user" or loyalty coupons, like the ones on your CVS receipt.

It's available both in the App Store for Apple and on Google Play for Android.

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