Acting superintendent accused in Coatesville texting scandal during meeting

COATESVILLE, Pa. - October 8, 2013

Acting Assistant Superintendent Dr. Teresa Powell laid it all out at the School Board Committee Meeting inside the high school auditorium.

She claims her boss and acting Coatesville Area School superintendent Dr. Angelo Romaniello was part of a racist, sexist texting scandal that took down the former superintendent and athletic director.

"The third texter is Acting Superintendent Romaniello who spoke very inappropriately about me. Although his text message was not racial, it was personally demeaning and uncalled for," Powell said.

Romaniello stared down his accuser and school board members sat and listened.

Just two weeks ago, an angry crowd of parents and leaders voiced their disgust with the board for allowing Superintendent Richard Como and Athletic Director Jim Donato to resign instead of being fired.

The two allegedly exchanged texts calling minority students and staff names including the n-word.

"Because Angelo was part of this exchange, why would the district promote him to acting superintendent?" Powell said.

Action News confronted Romaniello who denied the allegations against him and said he was focused on the children of this district.

"Our biggest position is to make sure our kids are taken care of and we're going to move forward together as a team," Romaniello said.

When asked if he was part of the text exchange, Romaniello replied, "Absolutely not."

Dr. Teresa Powell also accused at least 4 out of the 9 board members including Dr. Tanya Thames Taylor of trying to cover up the mess and offered her a promotion to keep quiet.

"What absolutely devastated me was when she stated not only was Mr. Como not being terminated, but he was going to be permitted to stay on as superintendent," Powell said.

Dr. Taylor has denied any wrongdoing.

Before the meeting, board members, the NAACP, and local clergy signed a proclamation condemning acts of racism, sexism, bigotry and more.

People in the room still expressed their discontent with this board and the acting superintendent.

"The fact that he's been promoted knowing that he was slurring Dr. Powell and possibly others is a disgrace," Coatesville resident Nancy Miller said.

An ongoing criminal investigation also remains involving kickbacks for high school football camps.

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