Atlantic City bracing for storm, flooding

ATLANTIC CITY - October 9, 2013

"We're expecting some minor tidal flooding on the low lying areas of Atlantic City," Tom Foley of Atlantic City Emergency Management said.

Earlier Wednesday, high tide hit the back bays around noon and caused some minor street flooding.

Public safety officials will be keeping a close eye on the next few high tides as the storm hits full force.

Typically with a nor'easter the wind pushes the water inland and it gets bottled up in the back bays.

Add a high tide to the mix and the water overflows into the streets.

The next two high tides at midnight tonight and around one Thursday afternoon will come during the full force of the storm.

The other wild card they have to prepare for is the wind.

The forecast calls for gale force winds throughout the day tomorrow, around 45 miles per hour.

That's much stronger than the high winds we've already seen Wednesday.

The casinos and other businesses are securing anything that could go flying.

"They've secured their buildings. We made sure we sent out the alert early this morning so we know that we got to casino facility people and they are taking care of that. The other construction sites, they're locking down some of those," Foley said.

Residents are also being asked to secure patio furniture and anything not bolted down outside. Officials don't anticipate any evacuations in Atlantic City, but they are asking residents who live where they normally get street flooding to move their vehicles to higher ground.

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