Fire in Horsham displaces 7 people, 2 dogs

HORSHAM, Pa. - October 16, 2013

"It can be replaced though, you know. We got our health, and we can start over. So, God is good in all of this," said Charles Stafford.

Wednesday morning Stafford and his wife Regina surveyed the damage to their home of 11 years and searched the rubble for anything salvageable, but there wasn't much.

Regina tells us, she even lost some treasures left to her by those who raised her.

The Stafford's home went up in flames just after midnight Wednesday as the result of an apparently faulty generator. They had started the generator for the first time in an attached shed behind the house.

Charles explains, "We were waiting on some work to be done, and was running the refrigerator and freezer."

The Staffords are both retired Pennsylvania State Troopers who are used to reacting to dangerous situations and coming to the rescue of others. But last night they had to scramble to insure no one was physically injured, including one of their sons and their next door neighbors, who also suffered severe damage to their house.

Both households are fully insured and plan to rebuild, repair and remain in the quiet cul-de-sac.

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