Woman left 2 kids after DUI crash in Bristol, police say

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October 21, 2013 3:35:28 PM PDT
A Bucks County woman has been jailed on charges that she endangered her two young children by leaving them behind when she allegedly fled the scene after crashing her vehicle into parked cars while driving drunk.

Jamie Lynn Wilkinson of Bensalem is accused of fleeing the accident scene and leaving behind her 6-month and 18-month-old daughters.

Until this issue is resolved, Jamie Lynn's mother Caroline Wilkinson says she is ready to help.

"Don't worry about the kids, cause I'll take care of them. That's all I can do, they're my grand-babies," Caroline said.

It all began Saturday night when witnesses say the clearly intoxicated 34-year-old mother tried backing out of a dead-end on Chestnut Street in Bristol Borough.

Witness Lee Jacobs says she heard the collision when Wilkinson's car allegedly rammed her parked SUV.

When Jacobs came outside to get her insurance information, Wilkinson took off running.

That's when Jacobs realized there were two babies in the backseat.

"The kids? They were soaked in urine. Their Pampers were soaked. I've never seen it before. That really did take my heart," Lee Jacobs said.

Police quickly arrived and Wilkinson was arrested after investigators found her a few blocks away.

Meantime, Jamie Lynn's mom says her daughter is still an emotional wreck after breaking off a relationship that turned abusive.

Caroline says the jailhouse phone call she received from Jamie Lynn this weekend was absolutely heartbreaking.

"She was crying the whole time. 'Is my kids okay? Is my kids okay?'" Caroline said.

In fact, Caroline says the important thing now is for her to support her daughter until she can put her life back together.

"She's got two beautiful kids out of the deal. All I can do is be there for them," Caroline said.

She remained in the Bucks County prison Monday, unable to post bond.