Consigment sale for brides

VILLANOVA, Pa. - November 14, 2013

Brinker explains, "My sister had gotten married, she had a lot of stuff and we did a lot of Do-It-Yourself stuff for her wedding. So afterwards, we had so many mason jars sitting around, we were like, "What are we going to do with all this stuff?' Then we know a lot of people that are getting married that want the same thing, so why not bring the two together?"

The result: the first-ever Toss the Bouquet Consignment Sale, which will take place this weekend at Appleford in Villanova.

Thornton adds, "We came up with the idea of giving these girls the opportunity to come, sell all their leftover items that they spent a lot of time and alot of money on, and then, girls can come and buy it. So all these girls that are getting married and trying to save money can come and buy it. It's a great opportunity for them as well."

From wine bottles to candle-holders to table numbers, shoppers can take advantage of other brides' creativity -- at savings of at least 50% off retail.

And there are enough of most items to cover what you're likely to need, Thornton says, "We actually have a lot of a lot items. If they had 30 tables at their wedding, they're giving us all 30 centerpieces."

Plus, Brinker says, you can get ideas on how to use the items that are for sale. "Some of the items, you look at it and you think, 'I really don't know how it would be incorporated into a wedding,' but when you see the pictures and how it was used, it gives you an idea of how you may want to use it."

And though the focus of the event will be more on décor items than gowns, there will be a handful of wedding dresses for sale as well, including one new-with-tags dress that retailed for $900, but is priced at $300. And many of the items will be discounted another 50% on Sunday, the second day of the sale.

Consigners have until midnight tonight (November 14, 2013) to sign up. To do that or learn more about the sale, hours and directions, and to buy tickets, click here.

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