PennDOT preps begin ahead of wintry mix

PHILADELPHIA - December 7, 2013

Preparations started during the morning hours Saturday with salt trucks hitting the major highways.

"We're prepared for a long storm and one that will provide us with a challenge from the sense that there is mixed precipitation," said Gene Blaum, PennDOT.

In stores like Home Depot in King of Prussia, we found people stocking up on some last minute winter weather supplies.

"We have salt, shovels and her kids are staying with us so we'll put them to work a little," said Steve Alleva.

"Snow plow is ready, shovels are out. Just wanted to get some rock salt to put out on the sidewalks and steps," said Ralph Zecca.

There were also more people shopping for holiday decorations including the Lukens family who were looking for a Christmas tree.

They got one and they're planning to make the best out whatever the wintry weather has in store.

"I think that's kind of fun. We're doing breakfast with Santa tomorrow so that will be great with a little winter weather," said Tripp Lukens.

Many are just thankful the snowy, rainy mix is happening on a Sunday and they're hoping it doesn't impact their Monday morning commute.

"At least tomorrow we can all sleep in and watch the Eagles and settle in, hopefully Monday morning will be better," said Amy Fells.

PennDOT crews will continue to treat the roadways on Sunday.

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