Teen Cancer Awareness Week

January 20, 2014

There are special services and places for kids battling cancer and for adults, but sometimes teenagers get caught in the middle. So today, students helped raise awareness for teen cancer.

A dance flash mob broke out at the Moorestown Mall. Teenagers from all over South Jersey moved to the beat together to kick off Teen Cancer Awareness Week, and support the Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation.

The foundation was started by Gisele DiNatale in memory of her daughter, Alicia, who lost her battle with a rare cancer in 2002 when she was just 17.

Student volunteers now assemble special kits just for teenagers with bandanas, games and a journal. Hundreds will go to hospitals across the country.

Alicia's friend, Kimberly Dickstein, is now a teacher. She tells us, "To see it happen, the energy the happiness was and is Alicia and they all understand it."

They also understand the power of giving back.

Seventh grader Chloe Garber says, "It gives you such a good feeling that you know you are doing it for a good cause."

The foundation also helps build teen lounges in hospitals, and Teen Cancer Awareness Week is now nationally recognized.

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