Mother of 4 from Omaha, Molly Schuyler, wins Wing Bowl 22 in Philadelphia

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA - January 31, 2014

Molly Schuyler, who stands 5'7" tall and weighs just 125 pounds, ate 363 chicken wings to take the crown - and set a new Wing Bowl record.

"It was a mess sometimes!" she said.

And Molly said she did it all without having much of a strategy.

"We come from Omaha and we don't really have the kind of wings you guys have out here," she said and added, with a smile, "I had to 'wing' it."

The eating and all the surrounding shenanigans took place in front of a sold out crowd.

As usual, the competitors made their grand entrances on floats circling the floor before taking their seats up front.

One of those competitors was Eagles center Jason Kelce. He was a crowd favorite, though his 65 wings didn't get him past the first round.

"I didn't get that full feeling. Just trying to chew and swallow was the hardest part for me. As it gets going your jaw even gets tired just from chewing," he said.

Three time champ Jonathan "Super" Squibb threw his hat in the ring again, as did 2013 champ Jamie "The Bear" McDonald.

They chomped, they chowed, they chewed. Wings disappeared and, in two competitors' cases, reappeared.

The crowd loved it all.

"It's about the excitement, everybody coming together. It's just about wings and having a good time," said Nick Olivieri of Blue Bell.

As for Molly Schuyler, she told Action News she's not sure if she'll be back next year, but said she hopes to be.

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